Indian Wells F Tennis Promo Day 2002.

Great Day! We had the crowd passing around a 800 f tennis Ball . on it we wrote, "take pass it down" you could see the ball going around the stadium. 

The New F Tennis Hat

We brought it back!   Who put the F in Tennis?


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​          Yes It's True!

      1-800-F -Tennis

      Hats and Shirts are Back.

100% cotton T-shirts sm-xxl          $19.99 plus shipping

Womens Tank Tops 100% cotton  $24.99 plus shipping

​The Story of F Tennis, I had a phone call from a phone company selling 800 numbers back in 1989 when my 3rd location for my 

store devins pro shop was in newport beach. i was offered 3 options 800 3, 5, 8 Tennis. I chose 3, we were doing 3 sports tennis

racquetball and squash. I put the number on my truck call 800-3-Tennis for all your racquet needs. Years Later my Store at

Los Caballeros they were hosting the Junior World Racquetball tournament. A Customer from out of state

was in the said he buys off the net or mail order I told him " call us on our toll free number" Really ? what is it ? 

I was in a sacastic mood and i Looked down at my phone and noticed F is the Same as 3  I looked up and told him 

Call us at 1-800 F-Tennis. He loved it. So I got on my pc and printed out Flyers with our new 800 number F Tennis. 

People Loved it. So I began doing my logo  and F tennis on the back of hats.  One Day I walked into my buddies Sign

shop,as I look down i see this redering of a truck with graphics. OH My God thats my truck he had mocked up with out me knowing

the graphics for my truck. You can see the truck here. The funny thing was the front quarter panel read WHO PUT THE F IN TENNIS.

Really funny to watch people read it the see there lips move Who PUt the F in Tennis  "Thers NO F IN Tennis". 

I closed the shop 11 yrs ago. I still string for select customers and they love my F Tennis Hats And Shirts

So I have decided to bring it back. You will like our Avant Gaard tennis player logo and the craziest phone number and most memorable. Tell your friend about us. New website coming soon. with shopping Cart.